Yielder Expertise

At Yielder Group, you will find everything under one roof for a successful evolution to the modern digital workplace. In this, the specialists of Yielder Solutions often work closely with the multi-disciplinary team of Yielder Expertise, because even the best solutions only become a success with the right guidance.

Yielder Expertise consists of more than 150 specialists with diverse specialties, divided into the areas of expertise Business consultancy, Management & support, Change Management, Personalization and Adoption. Our experts have been providing more than 20 years consulting on a wide variety of telecom and IT issues and can be deployed at any point in the journey from concept to user adoption.

From analysis and consulting to implementation and user adoption

We have all the specialized knowledge and expertise to make any telecom or IT project a success. Our experienced experts can fully guide the journey from concept to solution at both the management and operational levels. In doing so, we like to bring simplicity and ease of use to a complex and rapidly evolving IT landscape. From analysis and consulting to expert implementation and successful user adoption. For example, our specialists are called in to improve the effectiveness of telecom and IT operations or they advise management, for example, on IT policies, cloud policies, work arrangements and modern workplace strategies.


Every organization is unique, so our Business Consultants always deliver customized solutions. First, we identify your organization’s wants and needs. The user is central to this. Then we advise you on the total solution that best fits this. We advise, support and share our knowledge to jointly define a strategy based on objectives and future plans. Expert advice, on every aspect, from the Internet solution to security policies, from the best hardware to work anywhere, to the adoption of all digital changes by your employees.

Practical and targeted advice to make the most of the digital workplace. Together we determine the speed and level of commitment in the steps to follow.

Out of love for our profession, we take on every feasible challenge. Your ambition is our starting point, but we also think two steps ahead. Every project is special and deserves our attention and dedication. Otherwise, we won’t do it. From us you can expect that we know what we are talking about, listen carefully to you and come up with an appropriate solution.


We guide the implementation of the chosen solutions and we provide expert management and monitoring. You also advise on effective policies. In order to create unity in the use of the possibilities of the digital workplace, policies must also be adjusted accordingly. Consider, for example, policy settings in Microsoft Teams and security-related settings.


Every organization and every user is unique. Our in-depth knowledge of both our solutions and the needs of organizations allows us to deliver customized solutions. Our specialists tailor the digital workplace to the user’s needs and wants. For a number of industries, we have developed specific solutions that perfectly meet their specialized needs.

Successful user adoption

The success of the new digital workplace hinges on user adoption. Colleagues who experience the benefits of the new way of working and become more efficient will enjoy their work more and adopt the digital workplace faster. This naturally leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Good training and guidance are essential in this regard. To ensure successful user adoption, we also provide this training and guidance. Consider broadening sessions, customized adoption programs, usage analysis and sit-ins/floorwalking.

Management & Support

Our specialists know that the implementation of an IT project is often only the beginning of a long-term collaboration. As a Managed Solutions Provider, our commitment to digital workplace success extends beyond the project phase. That’s why we offer comprehensive IT management and support tailored to your organization’s specific requirements. We can also provide comprehensive guarantees of quality and availability. Whether it’s technical help or software updates, our experts offer broad support. Through continuous monitoring and preventive measures, we can identify and resolve potential problems before they affect operations. In doing so, transparent reports provide insight and clarity.

Certified partner

Yielder Group is a strategic partner of all major telecom networks as well as well-known technology providers such as Microsoft and Samsung. This means that our experts must meet a required level of expertise and have exclusive access to knowledge and resources.

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