About us

We help organizations maximize the potential of Telecom & IT in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With our years of experience and expertise, we translate complex telecom IT issues into simple and user-friendly solutions.

Yielder Group has all the technology and expertise to create the ideal digital workplace. Our love of technology drives us to continually expand our portfolio with high quality solutions in Connectivity, Voice and Security. And thanks to our unique partner network, we are always near you.

We are proud of our unique perspectives, experiences and skills and we find common ground in our shared values, Ambition, Connection and Ownership. We love quality and proven solutions, and thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are also ambitious, committed and a bit rebellious. This allows us to move quickly with the market and create opportunities for our customers.

Market & Growth Ambition

The telecom and IT market has consolidated significantly in recent years. The current playing field is shrinking and customer needs are changing rapidly. Markets are collapsing and technologies are evolving faster than ever. The continuation of digitalization offers us opportunities and does not stop at our national borders.

We believe that together we are stronger in the face of increasing complexity in the range of products and services offered in the telecom and IT market. Our strategy offers opportunities through scale and automation while allowing us to maintain a local approach to our customers. We are constantly looking for organizations at home and abroad to join our group. Through participation or acquisition of companies with growth potential in various industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Towards our people, society and the environment, Yielder Group has and feels the social responsibility to act morally responsible. We enjoy contributing to a more sustainable, healthier, cleaner and fairer world. We do this not only by helping organizations transition to the sustainable digital workplace, but also by setting a good example ourselves, including using as little paper as possible and communicating digitally as much as possible.

At Yielder Group, everyone gets a chance to prove themselves, regardless of origin, religion or orientation. We believe it is important to be an incubator where young talent can develop and grow. Therefore, as a work and learning company, we cooperate with many schools. Many of our colleagues started their careers with us as interns. Our social commitment is also reflected in our partnerships. This is how we support MonKi. Proceeds from the sale of hand-knotted MonKi keychains will go to KiKa Foundation, which funds childhood cancer research to improve treatments. We also support charities by selflessly helping them with their telecom and IT issues. For example, we provide the telephony solution for Wings for Life World Run.

Collaboration with Capital A

To strengthen our growth ambition, we are working with investment company Capital A, which invests in companies with a clear growth profile. Together we form a strong team ready to take the next steps in our strategy.