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Working at Yielder Group

Building connection together

Cooperation is about complementing each other. Together we are more than the sum of our parts. We all have our own talents and qualities and when we combine them, something new is created, a unique blend of properties with its own character. Working together like this requires trust in yourself and in others. Connection is the key here. Will you join our team? Welcome to Yielder Group!

Stronger together

Building connection together.  With each other and with the world, literally and figuratively, because together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Everyone contributes from their own background, expertise and position in teams in which we fortify each other. We don’t just cooperate with our colleagues in this way, these values also apply to the way we work with our customers and partners.

Be well connected

Connection is in our Yielder DNA. We don’t just provide the connectivity solutions that allow us to connect with each other and our clients, at any time and anywhere, it is also our philosophy. We know from experience that we work better, have more fun and are more open to innovation and growth if we feel connected to each other

Feel at home at Yielder Group

We think it’s important that everyone feels at home in our working culture; that all our colleagues feel free to be themselves. We believe that the more authentic you can be at work, the more inspired and energetic you’ll be, which in turn will contribute greatly to your performance and your enjoyment. And that this doesn’t just apply to you, but to your team and to all of us together. We are more innovative, more creative and more effective because we are diverse, inclusive and connected. 

Bring out the best in yourself and others

We believe in the power of ambition. Whatever your ambitions are, there is room for them at Yielder Group. One person wants to move up the career ladder quickly, the next wants to develop his or her skills and talents further and yet a third is mostly looking for good working atmosphere. Together, our ambitions ensure that we continue to grow. What do you dream of?

Freedom and responsibility 

With freedom comes responsibility. We like to have the freedom to take the initiative and to act according to our own insights and we naturally take the responsibility that goes with that. At Yielder Group we give you the space to take responsibility, even when things go wrong, because we prefer progress to perfection. This natural affinity with taking responsibility is reflected throughout our company culture. We like to go the extra mile for each other, for our partners and for our clients. We keep our promises and we stick to our agreements. We do what we say and we say what we do.

Take time out

Yielder Group is a dynamic, fast-moving organisation, which can be very energising, but we think it is important that you also regularly take some time for yourself. Hitting the pause button every once in a while helps you to recharge and refocus so that you can return to work completely refreshed. And because we celebrate diversity, in addition to your regular paid leave, you can choose an additional international holiday as an extra day of paid leave. Will you send us a selfie on this holiday of your choosing?

Our locations

Yielder Group has offices in Hoofddorp, Breda, Eindhoven and Wateringen.