About Yielder Group

Yielder Group is the Netherlands’ leading independent telecom and IT service provider. Our brands INTO, PHC, IP Visie, Connectivity Factory and oneCentral cooperate on building connection. With each other and with our partners, we serve consumers, freelancers, SMEs and large enterprise clients at the intersection of telecom and ICT.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Every day, we make sure that our customers and partners make the most of the potential of telecom & IT. We provide reliable and secure connectivity solutions and ensure that your employees can work anywhere and any time, so that you have the time and energy to do what you do best: running a business!

Market evolution & growth ambition

The telecom and IT market has been strongly consolidated in recent years. The current playing field is shrinking and customer needs are changing rapidly. Markets are merging and technology is developing faster than ever. The continuation of digitization offers us opportunities and does not stop at our national borders.

We believe that together we are stronger in the increasing complexity of the range of products and services in the telecom and IT market. Our strategy offers opportunities through scale and automation while letting us retain the local approach to our customers. We are always looking for organisations at home and abroad to strengthen our group: through participation or acquisition of companies with growth potential in various industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Yielder Group we take our social responsibility toward our employees, our customers, society at large and the environment seriously. We want to contribute to a more sustainable, healthier, cleaner and fairer world. Not only do we do this by helping organisations make the transition to a more durable digital workplace, but also by always aiming to set an example, using as little paper as possible and communicating digitally where possible.

At Yielder Group everyone gets the chance to prove themselves, regardless of background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive talent incubator, working with various schools to offer promising students apprenticeships and internships. Many of our colleagues started their careers with us this way. Our social values are also reflected in our partnerships. Our brand INTO for example partners with Villa Pardoes. This charitable foundation offers Dutch families with a serious ill child the chance to enjoy an unforgettable holiday together. Our brand PHC supports MonKi. The proceeds from sales of hand knotted MonKi keyrings go to the KiKa Foundation, which funds childhood cancer studies to improve treatments. We also support charities by helping them with their telecom and IT issues. oneCentral for instance donates the managed telephony solution for the Wings for Life World Run.

Collaboration with Capital A

To fortify our growth ambition, we work with investment company Capital A, which invests in companies with a clear growth profile. Together we form a strong team, ready to take the next steps in our strategy.

Our brands

Managed Solutions Providers

Yielder Group serves the business market directly through the INTO, PHC and IP Visie brands. INTO and PHC are our full service digital workplace solution providers, helping organisations make the transition to the hybrid working model. IP Visie is a customized specialist in the field of connectivity and oneCentral is the specialist in the field of cloud communication for system integrators and value added resellers.

Your ideal digital workplace

INTO & PHC help organisations make the transition to their ideal digital workplace. INTO offers everything from expert advice to full implementation and user adoption, all under one roof.

IP connectivity solutions

IP Visie is our IP connectivity solutions provider, offering an extensive portfolio of highly specialised connectivity solutions, including fiber optic business internet, customized solutions for data center connectivity and redundant connections linking branches via Dark Fiber.

Our Partner Channels

Partner Channels

Yielder Group provides telecom and IT solutions and services directly via our Managed Solutions Providers and indirectly through several Partner Channels. We offer our partners a complete support system to advise and sell our wide range of connectivity products and services through our brand Connectivity Factory.

Connectivity services for Partners

Through Connectivity Factory, we offer our Partners, local entrepreneurs and online providers, a comprehensive support system with which they can advise and sell our wide range of connectivity products and services.